October 27, 2016

The night before Kira was two

Two years ago tonight Max was lying (WIDE AWAKE) in this very spot and no one had any idea that his little sister would be born the next day.  Here is Kira, two years later, taking happily after her big brother.  She looks just like her daddy, but her teacher said she was "feeling chatty" today, so she has some of her mom, too.

"Come on, Kira!" Max pleaded for her to go faster.  
"FASTER," Kira said as she went super slow.

"Circle of lifffffffffffe" (wonder where she gets that)

Kira could spend minutes (the baby/toddler equivalent of hours!) wiping and diapering her babies.  "Yucky poopy!" she said as she moves from one to the next.  

The night before Kira was one and two.  Two years later she has a lot more teeth and stuffed animals!

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