November 5, 2012

Out with the hole and in with the drool

It has been two weeks since Max's palate surgery and as you can see, he is back to his old, smiley, wet self.  Emphasis on "wet".  Max has always been a wet guy; cleaning his spit-up is as commonplace as changing his diapers.  The great news is that since the surgery he rarely spits up, however, the amount of drool that pours out of his mouth is record-breaking.  We practically need a sump pump to keep him dry, and since we don't have one, he is always soaked.  But he is always smiling, which more than compensates for constantly saturated shirts (pants, socks, hair...).

Max's pre-op photo shoots (top- 3.26.12, middle- 8.20.12, bottom- 10.20.12)

Showing off the new mouth (11.5.12)

Back to his old tricks (11.5.12)
Max learned "touchdown"...the Giants could have used him (11.4.12)

Come on guys, nap time is over! (11.3.12)


Human water faucet (11.2.12)

Max and Daddy (11.1.12)

Slam dunk (11.1.12)