July 17, 2012

Home is where the Max is

Dark and early this morning, around 12:30am, our family came home.   You know you are back in the DC metro area when you are in standstill traffic on the beltway at midnight on a Monday.  Max slept comfortably the entire ride while David and I listened to the sound of his [extremely loud and fast-paced] breath.  A few hours of sleep in his own crib and a couple of bottles later, Max enjoyed spending the day being reunited with his toys and friends, as well as discovering the swings in our neighborbood.  As per doctor's orders, David continued to walk to get relief from abdominal pain.  He has doctors appointments on Thursday to discuss the next (and final!) steps for treatment. 

Max is now fast asleep, and for the first time in nearly a month, far enough away that I will actually need to use the baby monitor.  What a difference your own bed and familiar surroundings make- for everyone. 

Toys are more fun when you can sit up! (7.17.12)
Max was SO excited to see his friends! (7.17.12)

Exploring the house from a new angle (7.17.12)