May 10, 2013

Let's play ball!

Now that baseball is back in full swing, Max had to start working on his.  The pint-sized baseball toy (pictured far below) did not quite cut it for our multi-athlete-in-training, so we set out to find the perfect t-ball set for the General. Finding the right set for "Goldi-Max" was not easy.  Some were too tall, some were to short, and some were covered in Nationals logos.  At the end of the day Max went home and played basketball.  

Player and cheerleader all in one! (5.9.13)

Laughing like crazy (5.9.13)

Does this buckle make me look fat? (5.8.13)

Working on my swing (5.7.13)

Come chase me, Sadie (5.6.13)

Bubble boy (5.5.13)

I'm going to need a better t-ball set (5.5.13)

Saturday morning breakfast (5.4.13)

What did Max wish for? (5.4.13)

Max is more thirsty than the plants (5.4.13)

Catch me! (5.3.13)

Pack it in there! (5.3.13)

Cheesy (5.2.13)

Dirt for dessert (5.2.13)

Zoooooooommmmm (5.1.13)

April showers, bring pink flowers (5.1.13)

4 for 4! (4.30.13)

Home sick by day, shots up by night (4.29.13)

Let's play ball! (4.29.13)

Ring, ring, ring (4.28.13)

Another tear-free trim!
The General was very serious about his new military cut (4.28.13)
I see you! (4.28.13)

Dirt! (4.28.13)

Sleeping in on Saturday (4.27.13)

Family photo (4.27.13)

Happy weekend! (4.27.13)

Big boy seat (4.26.13)

Slam dunk before bed (4.25.13)

Max loves shapes.  And these frog eyes. (4.25.13)

25.5 pounds of apples and Max (4.24.13)