February 25, 2013


Max begins and ends his days the same way- playing basketball.  First thing in the morning he searches for the ball and makes a dunk.  This is followed by several more shots, until hunger sets in and he demands breakfast. Every night, as opposed to a traditional, calming bedtime story, Max runs up and down the playroom making baskets. He also gives himself a rousing applause after each shot, make or miss.

This past week, Max was under the [freezing cold] weather, but he did not let pink eye, an ear infection, or a fever keep him from playing ball.  After just a few doses of medicine he was back to himself and I stayed home to enjoy a 24-hour pajama party with my nugget.  Fully recovered by the weekend, we took a trip to the pet store (just to look!).  He loved the cats and I am pretty sure that he actually said "cat" when he saw one in his animal book. These days animals rank right up there with Drummer Hoff and basketball.  But since a 14 month old cannot take care of a real pet, his pet alligator will have to do. 

No means...laugh (2.25.13)

An Oakton parent made me this button.  I love it!

Cowboy! (2.24.13)

Max loves to say "ahhhhhhh" after he takes a sip.
Or when he doesn't take a sip. (2.24.13)

"Cat!  cat!"  (2.23.13)

Oh no!  Barnes and Noble is going out of business. (2.23.13)

I think he said "cat" (2.22.13)

Taking good old alligator for a walk (2.22.13)

Thrilled to be back at school! (2.22.13)

Tissues are for playing, not for blowing your nose (2.21.13)

Woke up feeling much better! (2.20.13)

Poor baby wasn't feeling well (2.19.13)

One last shot before lights out (2.18.13)


Having a blast in the Oakton gym (2.17.13)

Give me a shot at the big boy hoop! (2.17.13)







Max-in-a-box (2.15.13)


There are no words for this. (2.13.13)

Running in the rain (2.13.13)


Romance (2.12.13)

Wild man at the doctor for his shot (2.11.13)

Flirting with a picture? (2.10.13)

Acting goofy and waving bye (2.10.13)

Handsome boys! Benjamin and Max (2.9.13)

Golfing (2.9.13)



Child labor (2.6.13)

Good morning bed head (2.6.13)

Memorized by basketball (2.5.13)

Ready to crunch balls first thing in the morning (2.3.13)

Checking out his new clubs (2.2.13)

Good old duck tub (2.1.13)


Warm winter day date (1.30.13)


An apple a day (1.29.13)

Max loves Sadie (1.29.13)

Getting shots up in the kitchen (1.28.13)

Romantic lunch date (1.28.13)

chillin (1.27.13)

Spoon! (1.26.13)

Fork (1.26.13)

Haircut horror show, the sequel (1.25.13)