July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Independence for America, but not yet for David. For the past four hours he has had no pain medicine. His IV fell out, which was ok initially because he was planning on getting it removed to shower. When it was time to get it put back, however, the nurse stuck him twice to no avail. They are sending someone else to come try. I am extremely impressed by how well David is tolerating being off the meds. He may have a hard time with needles, but when it comes to pain he is a trooper.

On a positive note, David is starting on a clear liquid diet today. If all goes well with that he could be released on Friday. For now he continues his prescribed exercise regimen of waking laps around the floor and doing everything else the doctors say in order to get home and most importantly, get well.

Max had a 4th of July inspired photo shoot this morning. As you can see he is very patriotic (and hungry!).