October 22, 2012

'Twas the night before surgery: Part III

Tomorrow will be Max's third and final surgery of the year. Turns out if you buy three surgeries you get one free- a palate repair with a bonus set of ear tubes. This is the largest and most significant of all the surgeries, but different because Max will come out of the operating room looking the same way he did going in. There will be no wondering. Or surprises. Or a new face waiting in recovery. Just our little woozy Max, in his bitty baby shackles- a familiar, sad, but thankfully, temporary sight.

Halloween practice run (10.22.12)

Topless art (10.22.12)

I will be sipping out of this straw in no time (10.22.12)

Standing and smiling

This has been a busy week for Max; we have been trying to jam as many activities in as we can before his big surgery on Tuesday.  Similarly, Max has been trying to jam as much food in [the roof of] his mouth as possible.  He had several "pre-surgery" photo shoots and hammed them all up with his gorgeous dimples.  Unlike his previous two surgeries, the procedure on Tuesday will not change his smile (thank goodness!!), but it is still a milestone worthy of photographic documentation. 

In other milestone news, Max did two exciting, yet drastically different things for the first time this weekend.  He stood up by himself and went to a bar.  David and I took him to watch the Florida-South Carolina game at the Gator Alumni bar.  It was an afternoon game- the perfect time to test the 'baby in a bar' waters.  Like the Gators, Max behaved like a champ for three hours!  Clad in his lucky Florida shirt, he loved watching the game as much as he loved watching the die hard fans go wild for every touchdown.  In regards to the more appropriate developmental milestone, Max shocked me by standing on his own (for about 15-30 seconds at a time).  I think he shocked himself, too, and now all he wants to do is practice.  Good thing his tushy is conveniently padded with a diaper!



Laundry time (10.21.12)

Standing! I had to show this photo even with the red eye!  (10.20.12)

Jamming with Jackson and Gianna (10.20.12)

Focused on the Gator game and trying to stand (10.20.12)

Won't be able to jam this much food in there for long (10.19.12)

after school cuddles and giggles (10.18.12)





little snack with a side of Fall ball (10.16.12)