October 8, 2012


Max said "mama" yesterday!  I was skeptical at first and figured it was just a new baby noise, but after he clearly parroted me several times I officially marked it down as his first word.  Max probably has no idea what he is saying, what it means, or how much joy it brings my ears and heart, but I am one very proud mama!  Now we are working on teaching him "dada" and "thank you".  He needs to learn the latter, and fast, so he can respond to all of the compliments he gets.

Today Max visited  the "Cleft Clinic" at Johns Hopkins where he had a hearing test and follow-up appointment with Dr. Redett, his surgeon.  Max did not exactly ace the hearing test, but the results were expected considering the amount of fluid floating around his pretty little head.  He will have ear tubes put in during his palate surgery on October 23.  This will get rid of the ear fluid and improve his hearing.  Over 96% of babies with cleft palate require tubes and it is quite convenient that Max can have this procedure while he is already under anesthesia for his palate repair.

Thanks for taking care of me Dr. Redett and nurse Kim! (10.8.12)

More chicken, please. (10.7.12)

Mommy and baby Gators (10.6.12)


Who won the tug-o-war? (10.5.12)

Max cannot stop looking at Sadie (10.5.12)

Pair of bird watchers (10.5.12)

Dinner at Cafe Sano (10.4.12)

Very serious about breakfast.  (10.4.12)

I love your hair bow, Sadie! (10.3.12)

Dreaming dreamboat (10.3.12)