September 22, 2012

Baby steps

Max has been extremely busy- between wooing Sadie, taking tandem strolls in the amazing weather, and playing with every toy in creation, he has worked up an insatiable appetite.  When I see the laundry list of foods he eats throughout the day I can't help but wonder if he eats more than me!  All of that food is certainly giving him plenty of energy.  Yesterday he decided that instead of just playing with the toys on the front of the walker he would actually walk with it.  

Now that Max is four weeks removed from surgery David and I have to massage his scar several times a day.  This is done to prevent the scar from shrinking up and making his lip line uneven.  It is really quite simple and only takes about thirty seconds, but Max hates it.  And so do we. 

Tall stack (9.22.12)



Rub-a-dub-dub, climbing out of the tub (9.19.12)