August 19, 2012

Summer reading

Max's current pastime of choice is anything that involves books- mostly eating them and being read to.  He also enjoys a good book toss, similar to a rousing game of 52 pick-up.  In preparation for the upcoming fall school year David started reading Tom Sawyer to Max.  He may have a few years before that is on his assigned summer reading list, but I have a feeling that his dad will make sure he is well prepared. 

 I wish Max would fit in mommy's school bag (8.19.12)

Lunch with Benjamin (8.19.12)

What's for breakfast? (8.19.12)

Spoiled by Aunt Carol (8.18.12)

Summer reading (8.18.12)

People watching.  Sans people. (8.17.12)

Nugget and fry (8.16.12)