January 24, 2013

13 months old

No, Max is not wearing capris.  He is just that tall!


Thrill of the chase

The ever-growing nugget has been eating and moving non-stop.  He loves running, especially when someone chases after him.  He shrieks with excitement when he hears footsteps behind him.  It is no wonder Max wants to eat constantly; he burns calories faster than he can inhale them.  Max used a spoon for the first time (to eat with, not just to play with) this weekend and managed to get an impressive amount of yogurt in his mouth all by himself.  His mouth is also home to some new molar teeth and since he loves chewing on his new toothbrush we know they are being kept nice and clean.  


Batman is no match for Max (1.23.13)


Does toothpaste count as a snack? (1.22.13)

The destroyer strikes again (1.22.13)

Snacking during the inauguration (1.21.13)
Why does this spoon have pointy edges? (1.21.13)


Second breakfast of the day (1.20.13)

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall (1.19.13)


Grandma's sous chef (1.19.13)


...just like a man (1.18.13)

try to catch me! (1.17.13)

being silly (1.17.13)

January 17, 2013

Table for Two

Snack time (1.16.13)

Is this a snack or play dough?  Both. (11.15.13)

Where's Sadie? (1.14.13)


January 14, 2013

Waving bye bye to 2012

It is with wide open arms (or in Max's case- a wide open mouth) that we welcome a new year!

Winter break was wonderful! David, myself, and the entourage of family that visited us enjoyed spending quality time with the General.  Max enjoyed being spoiled by a barrage of generous holiday and birthday presents.  His executive assistant, however, scheduled his one-year check-up on December 31, so the poor guy spent the last day of 2012 at the doctor.  Luckily he danced around the room and took his chicken pox vaccine in stride.  He got a clean bill of health, weighing in at 22 pounds.  At 2 feet, 7 inches tall, he is in the 77th percentile for height, which is good because basketball is clearly his favorite sport.

David's basketball team had an early game last week so I took Max.  He was completly mezmorized by the action on the court and even ate dinner in the stands, but we had to leave at halftime when he decided it was his turn to play.  At home he gets plenty of playing time and is addicted to his new hoop, beaming with pride whenever he makes a shot.  He also added waving goodbye to his repitoire of tricks-on-cue.  The tiny, subtle gesture is adorable, yet the subtlty is completly uncharcteristic.  I guess he doesn't like goodbyes.

Some D from daddy (1.13.13)

Finally, some PIZZA (1.13.13)

Watching Superman (1.12.13)


After school snack (1.11.13)

Why can't I just get some pizza like everyone else? (1.10.13)
I need a longer arm (1.9.13)
Peek-a-boo (1.8.13)

Hereeeeeeeeeeeeee (1.7.13)




Winter cleaning (1.6.13)



There's my old friend! (1.4.13)

The boss is in (1.3.13)

Brushing those chompers (1.2.13)

A shot for the new year (1.1.13)

Too tired for his last close-up of 2012 (12.31.12)

One-year check-up (12.31.12)

Door game (12.30.12)





Tickle attack (12.28.12)

Very serious about watching daddy's game (12.28.12)



One-year olds don't have to shovel, right?  (12.26.12)

My little monkey jumping on the bed (12.25.12)

getting a manicure from Grandpa (12.25.12)