June 28, 2013

Little boy blue-berry

Blueberries are one of Max's favorite foods, so picking them straight from the farm was the perfect activity for our first week of summer break.  He also had fun visiting David's basketball camp, but had a tough time understanding why he couldn't play.  So he played anyway.


First in line at the concession stand (6.28.13)

Last music class (6.28.13)

Who moved the blankey?
Probably the same person who took the photos. (6.27.13)

Where is Max?
Running in between two basketball games at once! (6.27.13)

Dr. Max examined Daddy at his
18 month appointment (6.27.13)

Sleepys (6.27.13)

Right after Max came down, he climbed all the way
back up the twisty slide (6.27.13)

Very proud of his first
climb onto the couch (6.26.13)

Enjoying the fruits of his labor.  Literally. (6.26.13)

Missed you, Sadie! (6.26.13)

Blueberry picking (6.26.13)

No time for pictures, mom.
These blueberries are calling my name! (6.26.13)

YUM (6.26.13)
Blueberries and basketball?!
You can hardly see Max in this picture,
but he can see the hoop. (6.26.13)

Farm to belly (6.26.13)


First breakfast of summer break! (6.24.13)

Flirting at dinner (6.23.13)

What? (6.23.13)


Max immediately recognized "cake",
 and said it, too! (6.22.13)

First time in a big boy booster seat (6.22.13)


Supermax! (6.22.13)
Shopping for snacks (6.21.13)