September 12, 2012

It's not snot

Between Max having surgery and David and I going back to work, the past three weeks have been hectic, sleepless, and messy! Max is teething and that combined with his open palate has created a human drool faucet. Like most infants enjoying the wonderful world of food exploration, his beautiful face is commonly adorned with some type of sticky substance but he has NOT had a huge bugger permanently affixed to his nose for the past three weeks. That was the nasal stent! Given Max's track record of cleanliness (or lack there of) I can understand why some people would be confused.

The nasal stents were removed today and Max 3.0 looks better than ever! Let's just hope his new and improved look is indicative of his sleeping.

Sometimes the driest shirt is no shirt at all (9.12.12)

Happy to be stent-free (9.12.12)

The calm before the stent-removal storm (9.12.12)
Heading back to Baltimore (9.12.12)