November 17, 2012

When one door closes, Max opens it

Max has been getting a lot of exercise the past couple of weeks.  The boy does not sit still- unless he is sleeping- which he did last Saturday for 15 hours!  After resisting all attempts at a nap, Max passed out at 4:30pm and only awoke once for a brief bottle snack before morning.

His new favorite pastimes include opening and closing doors, climbing the stairs, playing in the ball pit, and trying to walk.  He can take a few steps all by himself, but still prefers pushing around anything that is not nailed down (i.e.- kitchen chairs).  Max also stopped by one of his dad's basketball practices, which must have paid off, because he learned how to make shots in his baby basketball hoop.  The fact that he takes a break from putting the ball in his mouth is a milestone in itself! 

Max loves breakfast (11.17.12)

Love this new shopping cart (11.17.12)

Happy kiddos! (11.16.12)

So happy to see Daddy! (11.15.12)

Duck tub (11.14.12)

Welcome to my bedroom (11.13.12)

Obsessed with climbing stairs (11.13.12)


Ready for a picture and bedtime story (11.11.12)

This is what 15 hours of sleep gets you! (11.11.12)

Put me in, coach/dad! (11.10.12)


All done! (11.9.12)

almost walking! (11.8.12)

well rested and ready to play (11.8.12)