August 22, 2012

'Twas the night before surgery

Max will undergo his second surgery tomorrow at 8:45am.  During this procedure, formally known as a "lip repair", the surgeon will re-open Max's mouth and nose and shape the skin to make both more symmetrical.  The procedure will take approximately two hours.   Those are the only two hours that David and I are not worried about.  After all, we aren't doing the surgery, and luckily we are 100% confident in the doctor who is.  The challenge for us will be between 2:45am until the time of surgery.  Max cannot eat or drink during that time; unfortunately he is not old enough to reason with (or bribe).  The roughest period, as I have learned through my vast surgical experience, will be the recovery.  For the next three weeks, Max, one of the most active and curious babies in the world (anyone who has met him can attest to this fact) must wear arm restraints to prevent him from touching his mouth and potentially tampering with his surgeon's fine work.  Our goal is to remove the restraints as much as possible and allow him to crawl, play, and mow the lawn.  This will require that someone is within inches of Max at all times.  We are fortunate to have an army of family and friends lined up to help keep an eye (or dozens of eyes and hands) on Mr. Max.

Max's friends came by this afternoon to wish him well.  Although many of them do not even know what "surgery" means, the next time they see their friend he will have a whole new mouth.

Essentially, tomorrow is baby's first rhinoplasty, but David put it best when he said, "How can anyone make this kid look more handsome?". 

Goodnight Max 2.0 (8.22.12)

Good luck, Max! (8.22.12)

From the outside looking in... (8.22.12)


Quality time with daddy (8.21.12)

Max's favorite hangout (8.20.12)