January 24, 2013

13 months old

No, Max is not wearing capris.  He is just that tall!


Thrill of the chase

The ever-growing nugget has been eating and moving non-stop.  He loves running, especially when someone chases after him.  He shrieks with excitement when he hears footsteps behind him.  It is no wonder Max wants to eat constantly; he burns calories faster than he can inhale them.  Max used a spoon for the first time (to eat with, not just to play with) this weekend and managed to get an impressive amount of yogurt in his mouth all by himself.  His mouth is also home to some new molar teeth and since he loves chewing on his new toothbrush we know they are being kept nice and clean.  


Batman is no match for Max (1.23.13)


Does toothpaste count as a snack? (1.22.13)

The destroyer strikes again (1.22.13)

Snacking during the inauguration (1.21.13)
Why does this spoon have pointy edges? (1.21.13)


Second breakfast of the day (1.20.13)

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall (1.19.13)


Grandma's sous chef (1.19.13)


...just like a man (1.18.13)

try to catch me! (1.17.13)

being silly (1.17.13)