May 28, 2013

Lions and tigers and Max-oh my!

Max went to the National Zoo in Washington DC on Saturday.  Our first stop was the "Great Cats" exhibit, where Max correctly identified lions and tigers as cats.  At the "Elephant Outpost", Max admired an elephant snacking on grass, but preferred "The Science of Poop" exhibit, where he got to touch [replica] elephant excrement.  He also loved the "Bird House" where he got up-close and personal with a stork (or crane) that he may have recognized as the creature who dropped him off at our house 17 months ago.  He squealed with such excitement as the birds swam by that I did a double-take to make sure Sadie wasn't in the water.  Max enjoyed the zoo, but in true toddler form, he eventually morphed into a bit of an animal himself and went home for a cat nap.


First stop- the big cats! (5.25.13)

Feeding the animals... (5.25.13)



Hello?  Hello? (5.25.13)


Big fan of the poop exhibit (5.25.13)


Feeding time at the zoo (5.25.13)

Max is bananas for apples (5.25.13)

Drivers ed (5.24.13)

School dance (5.24.13)

Where are the chaperons? (5.24.13)

Feeding Pawley (5.24.13)
Stroller cam (5.23.13)


Step on the gas, Sadie! (5.23.13)



Max really does like to dance to
the beat of his own drum.  (5.21.13)


May 20, 2013

Lots of fun, with lots of friends

This weekend Max participated in the Joe Cassella 5K with his friends Gianna and Jackson. This is the second year Max has attended, and while he didn't break any records (or a sweat), his time definitely improved!  Last year he bounced around in the Baby Bjorn and this year he lounged in the stroller and snacked his way through the entire race. It is just a matter of time before he runs it.  With one of those runner belts filled with snacks, of course.

Speaking of snacks, Max cannot get enough. He signs "more", he says "more", and he jams more in his mouth, even when it is completely full. Yesterday, Max stuffed his mouth so full of rice crispy treats that he could not chew. The General, however, still wanted more and broke into a teary tirade when he was not able to fit another bite into his sticky, overflowing mouth. Clearly Max has his mom's sweet tooth and his dad's speedy metabolism!

5K with Gianna and Jackson (5.19.13)


Basketball stickers (5.19.13)

5 kilometers worth of snacks (5.19.13)

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed (5.19.13)

Get me on to that carousel (5.18.13)

Saturday morning slide (5.18.13)

Happy Friday! (5.17.13)


Tried to make a basket,
but got a bloody nose instead (5.16.13)

Face full of apples at the
farmers market  (5.15.13)




Knocked out from Mr. Knick-Knack (5.13.13)



Facetime! (5.13.13)

May 13, 2013

...and on that farm there was a Max

Frying Pan Farm (5.12.13)

Oink! (5.12.13)

Feeding time (5.12.13)

Mooooooo (5.12.13)

Baahh (5.12.13)

Trying to be hands-on with the sheep (5.12.13)

Mother's Day picnic (5.12.13)



Score! (5.12.13)

Pumped for the playoffs (5.11.13)

Drums! (5.11.13)

Ring Around the Rosie: Family Edition (5.11.13)

Max handed me an early Mother's Day present.
A moving worm. (5.10.13)

Water is awesome! (5.10.13)