July 6, 2012


This morning I was woken up at 6:30am, not by Max, but by David calling to say he was getting out of the hospital. After packing up as much baby paraphernalia that could possibly fit in 350 square foot apartment, Max and I were off to the hospital for the last time!

By the afternoon we were all comfortably settled into David's parents house on Long Island. We will stay here for one to two weeks. As a parting gift from the hospital, David came home with 50 staples down his chest and stomach. We will stay in New York until his follow-up appointment and much anticipated (and dreaded) staple removal.

Today is only the second day that David has been able to eat "real food" in quite some time. That being said, for the next two weeks he is on a minimal fat diet and is limited to five grams of fat per day. While this precludes meat, oils, and fats of any kind it does allow for unlimited sugar, a small, sweet silver lining.

Mr. Max not only enjoyed being reunited with his daddy outside of the hospital lobby, but he also had a fun afternoon of swimming, playing with new toys, and gleefully babbling in his beloved jumperoo.
Max excitedly gripping a "getting out of hospital" gift for daddy (7.6.12)
On my way home with daddy! (7.6.12)