June 21, 2013

School's out for summer!

This first day of summer is also Max's last day of school (ask- playing with Sadie Jean everyday).  While most kids relish the end of school, there is no doubt that Max will miss seeing his girlfriends, Jen and Sadie every day.  When Max first started at Jen's,  I carried him in, along with his three bottles of formula and a stack of burp rags.  This morning, however, he ran up to the door, ahead of me, and practically climbed into his high chair on his own.

Savoring every bite of his last breakfast with Sadie (6.21.13)

Running late for his last day (6.21.13)

Goofy (6.20.13)

The latest copy of People (6.20.13)

Apple cinnamon ice pop-yum!! (6.19.13)

Dental hygiene at its finest (6.19.13)


Max is growing up a Heat fan- two for two so far in his lifetime!