April 11, 2013

Garden party

Max and Sadie had a romantic date at Meadowlark Gardens yesterday afternoon.  The sun was scorching, but the flowers were beautiful, especially the cherry blossoms.  Max's love for all animals almost got him in trouble when he tried to befriend a goose.  A goose who already had enough friends.  Luckily, Max was spared and not at all frightened by the creature's enormous open beak and scary, piercing screech that came out of it.  But I was!

As you can see from the pictures, Max has been spending a lot of time outside.  Practically all of his time, in fact.  Every afternoon he spends hours at the playground meeting new kids, leading David and I on walks around the neighborhood, and eating dinner at his new picnic table.  The only way to pry Max inside at night is to put him immediately in his second favorite habitat, the bath.  And he sure does need his baths these days!


Cherry blossoms! (4.10.13)

"Cat" (4.10.13)

That goose doesn't scare Max (4.10.13)

Can't catch the general (4.10.13)

Yay!  We are outside! (4.10.13)

Intently watching kids play ball (4.9.13)

Max won't even go inside to eat.
But he is still hungry!  (4.8.13)

Weeeee (4.8.13)

Max loves to draw on the sidewalk. (4.8.13)