June 29, 2012

The City that Never Sleeps

Cliched, but unfortunetly accurate.  Both Brooks boys had rough nights that involved little sleep.  David's recovery has been textbook, but according to said book day two is the most difficult, and that has proven true.  Starting at 2:00am his pain level increased dramatically, making it difficult for him to sleep, lay in bed, and walk- the only three things he is able to do at this point.  We are hoping that he will be compensated for his painful experience today with a glass of water tomorrow.  Not asking for much, right?

Mr. Max on the other hand has a cold.  Not a huge medical concern of course, but he was up all night sniffling and sneezing.  Maybe he was just missing his dad.  I know I was.

Max playing ball and wearing his cold on his shirt (6-29-12)