April 8, 2013

Here comes the sun

Spring has finally landed [again], and hopefully this time it sticks!  Yesterday we ventured to DC, but despite the line of traffic headed towards the Tidal Basin, cherry blossom sightings were few and far between.   But since Max isn't a huge flower guy, he shed his layers and ran around the capital giggling and chasing strangers.

On Friday, Max and Sadie started 'Music and Friends' class; a far cry from the 'Mom Fit' class they slept through or observed from the comfort of their car seats at two months old.  They probably enjoyed it more, too.



Hanging out on the stoop (4.7.13)

Max's favorite monument- the snack truck. (4.7.13)

What a beautiful day for a daddy-drawn wagon ride (4.7.13)

Righty? (4.6.13)

Gimme that food, Timmy! (4.6.13)

Cheering at the Hughes-Herndon basketball game.
After not-so-cheerful behavior during the National Anthem... (4.5.13)

Follow that dog.  But call it a cat. (4.5.13)

Loves to slide his belly (4.5.13)

Water is fun! (4.5.13)

First day of music class (4.5.13)

Cafe Asia's newest roll: The Max (4.4.13)

Max wanted to read his bedtime story to himself (4.4.13)

Coolest cuties around (4.3.13)

Giggles (4.2.13)

It's raining dirt! (4.2.13)