December 8, 2012

Haircut horror show

Max's day started off wonderfully- at 9:15am- which made everyones' day start off wonderfully. He spent the morning playing outside in the unseasonably warm December weather and later ran around the gym during David's practice.  After a nice, long nap we took Max for his first haircut. In an effort to keep him frozen in time as a little baby, I have been putting it off.  But a little baby probably should not walk around with a mullet, so I finally gave in to David's increasingly frequent requests to take Max to the barber.  Max hated it.  Hated it like surgery.  Even worse because he was awake.   His go-to hospital pain distractions, such as watching videos on my phone, did nothing.  His discontent lasted quite a while; hope this haircut does, too, because he will not be getting another one any time soon.

Hmm...less hair to rub my food in (12.8.12)

Father-son haircut day (12.8.12)

post-haircut happiness (12.8.12)

pass it to the Max (12.8.12)

Look at me! (12.8.12)