September 10, 2012

Jen Care

The Grandma train has left the building and this morning I dropped our little nugget off at daycare.  Luckily for us all, for various reasons, Jen is Max's teacher, and Sadie Bean his sole classmate.  One of my most favorite perks (there are many) of Jen caring for Max is that he will spend his days with Sadie.  Since we don't have family nearby and Max is clearly an only child, it is great that he gets to play with someone his own size while being cared for by someone who treats him like her own.  When we got to Jen's this morning Max immediately made a B-line for the toys and only turned back to flash me his trademark, super-sized grin.  That made it tough for me to be sad, but I was sure jealous that I couldn't stay and play, too.

Another great perk of Jen Care is all of the photos and this absolutely hilarious video!

Snack time! (9.10.12)

Duet (9.10.12)

Front row seat (9.10.12)

Max's first art project from school (9.10.12)

After school grocery store run (9.10.12)