August 31, 2012

Monkey boy

Max spent the past week being spoiled by Grandma Marie who paraded our little ham all over Reston.  It is hard to tell who had a better time, but both had huge smiles on their faces when I came home each day.  Unfortunately, only one was tired. Max is one energetic fellow; I am beginning to wonder if his bottles are spiked with Red Bull.  His latest hobby is standing in his crib, which makes sense, since he is never tired enough to actually sleep in it.  His wobbly legs and tip-toed feet have landed him new-face first into the crib rails many times.  Based on his response it hurt more than the surgery.  Needless to say, Max has been transferred to the confines of a more padded pack 'n play and will remain there indefinitely. 

The nasal stints are probably to blame for Max's restless nights.  We have managed to keep the stints clean, but it would be hard for anyone to sleep with a stuffed nose.  The nurses recommended cleaning the stints with saline spray or a nasal aspirator, but Max will have no part of that.  Instead, we distract him in the bath and spray the pull-down shower head up his nose.  He is too caught off guard to cry and I think he is actually starting to enjoy his nightly nasal bidet.  Most importantly, it must be working because when we took him for the suture removal, nurses commented about how clean the stints were.  David and I could not help but laugh at the idea that someone thought Max was clean.  It was reminiscent of the first time we took Max to Johns Hopkins when he was one week old.  A doctor told us that he had good head control.  David's response, "Man, I would hate to see what bad head control looks like."

On the wings of Grandma Marie's departure tomorrow, Grandma Barbara will arrive to take care of Max next week when both David and I are back at work full-time.   I reminded her to pack her running shoes.

Do I have something on my face? (8.31.12)



Sleeping in with daddy (8.30.12)

Monkey boy (8.29.12)