November 22, 2012

Thanks-for-everything Day

It goes without saying that our family has much to be thankful for. Max enjoyed his first Thanksgiving sitting between David and I, while messily eating off the table and loving every bite. I equally loved watching him stuff his beautifully repaired and healed mouth with turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving! (11.22.12)

First Thanksgiving as a family of three (11.22.12)

Snacking on Turkey Day (11.22.12)

Give me that turkey! (11.22.12)

Jackson, Max, and Sadie's first Thanksgiving.  Gianna is in charge! (11.22.12)

Max and Sadie cooking last Thanksgiving and eating this Thanksgiving


Just the guys grabbing a couple of slices at Pomodoro (11.21.12)

Pajama party at the park (11.20.12)

Pigging out on pumpkin pie samples at Trader Joe's (11.19.12)
Downward Max (11.19.12)

A little addicted to doing touchdown (11.18.12)

Max admiring baby Hannah (11.17.12)