August 28, 2012

Suture Tuesday

Early this morning, after a few brief, non-consecutive hours of sleep, we were back on the road to Johns Hopkins for Max to have some sutures removed from his lip. Despite the early call-time of 6:00am, Max got much needed sleep on the car ride both there and back home. The whole procedure took less then ten minutes, but did require him to go under anesthesia in order to remain still while the surgeon carefully removed the thin, blue threads. Our little insomniac could not sit still long enough to be weighed this morning, but of course he charmed the scrubs off all the nurses. They didn't even mind when he zeroed in on their stethoscopes with his mouth.

Speaking of mouths, Max's mouth continues to amaze. He looks absolutely fantastic. Doctor Redett is truly a surgical artist with the bedside manner of a gentle saint.