August 23, 2012

Lights out in room 38

There is only one occasion that sleeping in a hospital is for a purely positive reason- when your baby is born. For me, tonight is the exception. It is a virtual flashback of December 24, the night Max [1.0] was born. Tonight David, Max, and I will sleep in a hospital room together for the second time and I am 100% positive that everything will be ok.

Despite having his face sliced, diced, and stitched less then 12 hours ago, Max ate carrots for dinner, polished off a bottle, and took a stroll around the hospital hallway before lights out, at his traditional, self-imposed bedtime, of 7:00pm.

Quality crib time (8.23.12)

Carrots for post-op lunch (8.23.12)
Nature nugget likes to be in the buff (8.23.12)
Goodnight, Max 3.0 (8.23.12)

Meet Max 3.0

Mr. Max has a new mouth, symmetrical nose, pain killers, a full belly, and two very grateful parents.


Happiest baby in the hospital

The past several hours with Max before surgery have been wonderful. After being snatched from his crib this morning at 5:00am he cooed peaceful the entire drive to Baltimore. Upon our arrival he immediately became the center of attention in the pre-op area. Every nurse came by to see "those eyes that everyone has been talking about". He flirtatiously batted his baby blues at staff (to lure them in so he could eat their ID badges) and went for a wagon ride before I carried him into the operating room.

Max has not shed a tear since 7:00pm last night when the unthinkable happened- I put on his pajamas. It seems that he has truly had an enjoyable morning. I may have used a few tissues, but only because I am so very proud of my brave little Max.
Max entertained the whole floor during his pre-op smile parade (8.23.12)
The nurses said they have never seen such a happy baby.  I believe them. (8.23.12)
No fear nugget (8.23.12)