April 1, 2013

Spring Breaker

Max and company headed up to New York for Spring Break last week and he had a blast!  He ran wild on the playground, feasted on an unlimited amount of homemade treats, played basketball, and celebrated both Passover and Easter.  He bunked with Grandma and Grandpa, giggled during countless rounds of the door game, and practiced drinking from a regular cup.  He perfected the "ahhh" sound (a la Susie Green) after each sip, but is still working on getting all of the water in his mouth.  At Aunt Carol's house, Max got a lot of practice walking up and down stairs all by himself.  He also got his third haircut.  Maybe it was the pretty stylist, or the comfort of his grandpa, but it was his first haircut without tears! Who needs Cancun when you can go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Spring Break?!

On a sentimental note, it has been one whole [ridiculously crazy] year since I first kissed my baby goodbye in the operating room.  The date, March 27, is etched in my mind like Max's birthday, because I nervously anticipated it everyday for the first three months of his life.  But just like that, the gap in his mouth, that I feared before he was born, and fell in love with when I met him, disappeared in what feels like the blink of an eye.

What a beautiful day! (3.30.13)

They shoot, they score! (3.30.13)

Gate game (3.30.13)

Gate crasher (3.30.13)

A few snacks for the road (3.30.13)

Holding on tight (3.30.13)


no-tears haircut! (3.29.13)

Applauding with excitement for a basketball hoop he
spots in a neighbor's back yard (3.29.13)


Max loves grandma's meatballs (3.28.13)

Just the boys (3.28.13)

Max found the afikomen! (3.27.13)

One mouth.  One year later.
Max's first surgery was one year ago today (3.27.13)

Deflating the air mattress (3.27.13)

Staying hydrated (3.26.13)

Yes!  Grandma and Grandpa have a playground at their house, too! (3.26.13)

Packing up for Spring Break (3.25.13)

Max and his gang of teddy bears (3.25.13)

Where is my milk?
Max runs to the refrigerator every morning (3.24.13)

Riding with Ceci to the egg hunt (3.23.13)

Check out my new Pumas! (3.23.13)

First shoe fitting at Stride Rite (3.23.13)

Seder plate art (3.22.13)

Too cold for an outdoor picnic (3.21.13)

Sending a out a few emails during yoga (3.21.13)

Where's Max? (3.20.13)


The girls are after me! (3.19.13)

Now that the sock is off
maybe I can fit through? (3.18.13)

Holding hands (3.18.13)

Max loves bedtime because he
loves his teddy! (3.17.13)

Bagel touchdown (3.17.13)

Can someone give
me a boost? (3.15.13)

Rubbernecking (3.15.13)

Aggressive driving (3.15.13)


Max rocked his pedometer at the
Hughes Health & Fitness Expo (3.13.13)

Running back and forth over this bridge is so fun! (3.13.13)

Very weight conscious (3.12.13)

No pants and proud of it (3.12.13)

Dress up at the mall (3.10.13)