November 23, 2012

Have walker, will travel

Max worked off his inaugural Thanksgiving feast by doing laps around the Oakton gym during David's basketball practice.  After circling the gym three times with his handy hippo walker, he took a bottle break. He also practiced some new tricks- climbing down the stairs (and ottoman) on his belly, covering and uncovering his face to play peek-a-boo, and drinking from his straw cup.  The latter is proving to be the most difficult, yet is the most important.  He is a little late to the 'drinking from a cup game' and is just now able to use suction.  He instinctively gnaws on his straw and sippy cups because that is how he drinks from his bottle, so I am trying to show him how it is done.   He finds the sight of me drinking from his cup very funny; I suppose it is.