March 12, 2013

Playground or bust!

It seems like yesterday that Max was attached to my hip at the park. Literally- in the baby carrier. Now, the instant our front door opens, he makes a mad dash for the playground just behind the house.  Max was all dolled up for the Oakton basketball banquet last night, the perfect opportunity for an on-location paparazzi chase.  Another piece of Max-history was caught on film, as he completed the entire playground structure, from stairs to [big twisty] slide all by himself!

Get me to that playground! (3.11.13)

Trying to sneak in a family
shot before Max makes a run for it (3.11.13)

Hanging on and holding steady (3.11.13)

Big boy slide! (3.11.13)

March 11, 2013

Springing forward

The 'snow storm that wasn't' melted away, leaving behind a rainbow of beautiful Spring weather.  This weekend, Max took full advantage of the warm temperatures and went playground hopping until 7:00 pm last night.   Clad in his 'emergency shirt' and several (unrelated) facial bruises, Max hammed it up this afternoon for a fun photo shoot.  You can never have too much sunshine and smiles! Or Max!

Is it Spring yet? (3.11.13)


Yummy!! (3.10.13)


Weeeeee (3.9.13)

Very serious about Dunkin Donuts (3.9.13)

Teething mitt (3.8.13)


...we all fall down! (3.8.13)


March 7, 2013

Snow day!

Yesterday we were fortunate to dodge yet another meteorological bullet.  Instead of being trapped by a crippling snowstorm and incapacitated by power loss, like the weather reports warned, Max's first snow day was marked with just a couple of inches of mild, slushy ice.  After spending the morning observing the fat, heavy snow flakes fall from his post by the front door, Max ventured outside to feel the new, white substance for himself.  He seemed to enjoy the challenge of trying to trudge through the shallow layer of snow in the yard, but his favorite part of our brief outing was flirting with two little girls that walked by.

Snow baby (3.6.13)

Make-shift sled (3.6.13)

Ice cream date with Ceci! (3.5.13)

Max loves Facetime! (3.4.13)

Always has to hold the ball
for the sport he is watching (3.3.13)

Never gets tired of Drummer Hoff (3.3.13)

Polished off his whole dinner, but
clearly not happy that it is all gone. (3.3.13)

One last dunk before bed (3.3.13)

Texting and riding...not a good thing (3.3.13)

Wrestling with teddy first thing in the morning (3.3.13)

Very serious about his morning milk after being
woken up by Grandpa and Mommy (3.2.13)


Post-season conditioning (3.2.13)



Cheering for golf with his golf ball in hand (3.1.13)

Coloring with the crayon as long as real
food is in the other hand (2.28.13)

Warm February day (2.27.13)
Saying cheese with a mouth
full of cheese (2.27.13)

Study time (2.26.13)

Diaper wings (2.26.13)