November 23, 2012

Have walker, will travel

Max worked off his inaugural Thanksgiving feast by doing laps around the Oakton gym during David's basketball practice.  After circling the gym three times with his handy hippo walker, he took a bottle break. He also practiced some new tricks- climbing down the stairs (and ottoman) on his belly, covering and uncovering his face to play peek-a-boo, and drinking from his straw cup.  The latter is proving to be the most difficult, yet is the most important.  He is a little late to the 'drinking from a cup game' and is just now able to use suction.  He instinctively gnaws on his straw and sippy cups because that is how he drinks from his bottle, so I am trying to show him how it is done.   He finds the sight of me drinking from his cup very funny; I suppose it is.

November 22, 2012

Thanks-for-everything Day

It goes without saying that our family has much to be thankful for. Max enjoyed his first Thanksgiving sitting between David and I, while messily eating off the table and loving every bite. I equally loved watching him stuff his beautifully repaired and healed mouth with turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving! (11.22.12)

First Thanksgiving as a family of three (11.22.12)

Snacking on Turkey Day (11.22.12)

Give me that turkey! (11.22.12)

Jackson, Max, and Sadie's first Thanksgiving.  Gianna is in charge! (11.22.12)

Max and Sadie cooking last Thanksgiving and eating this Thanksgiving


Just the guys grabbing a couple of slices at Pomodoro (11.21.12)

Pajama party at the park (11.20.12)

Pigging out on pumpkin pie samples at Trader Joe's (11.19.12)
Downward Max (11.19.12)

A little addicted to doing touchdown (11.18.12)

Max admiring baby Hannah (11.17.12)

November 17, 2012

When one door closes, Max opens it

Max has been getting a lot of exercise the past couple of weeks.  The boy does not sit still- unless he is sleeping- which he did last Saturday for 15 hours!  After resisting all attempts at a nap, Max passed out at 4:30pm and only awoke once for a brief bottle snack before morning.

His new favorite pastimes include opening and closing doors, climbing the stairs, playing in the ball pit, and trying to walk.  He can take a few steps all by himself, but still prefers pushing around anything that is not nailed down (i.e.- kitchen chairs).  Max also stopped by one of his dad's basketball practices, which must have paid off, because he learned how to make shots in his baby basketball hoop.  The fact that he takes a break from putting the ball in his mouth is a milestone in itself! 

Max loves breakfast (11.17.12)

Love this new shopping cart (11.17.12)

Happy kiddos! (11.16.12)

So happy to see Daddy! (11.15.12)

Duck tub (11.14.12)

Welcome to my bedroom (11.13.12)

Obsessed with climbing stairs (11.13.12)


Ready for a picture and bedtime story (11.11.12)

This is what 15 hours of sleep gets you! (11.11.12)

Put me in, coach/dad! (11.10.12)


All done! (11.9.12)

almost walking! (11.8.12)

well rested and ready to play (11.8.12)


November 6, 2012

Max for President!

Today Max ventured to two polling places, received one "I voted" sticker, but did not quite meet the age requirement to cast a ballot. He is a responsible American citizen in training. 

Max's first time at the polls (11.6.12)

Where is my voting sticker? (11.6.12)


Field trip to Sadie's polling place (11.6.12)

November 5, 2012

Out with the hole and in with the drool

It has been two weeks since Max's palate surgery and as you can see, he is back to his old, smiley, wet self.  Emphasis on "wet".  Max has always been a wet guy; cleaning his spit-up is as commonplace as changing his diapers.  The great news is that since the surgery he rarely spits up, however, the amount of drool that pours out of his mouth is record-breaking.  We practically need a sump pump to keep him dry, and since we don't have one, he is always soaked.  But he is always smiling, which more than compensates for constantly saturated shirts (pants, socks, hair...).

Max's pre-op photo shoots (top- 3.26.12, middle- 8.20.12, bottom- 10.20.12)

Showing off the new mouth (11.5.12)

Back to his old tricks (11.5.12)
Max learned "touchdown"...the Giants could have used him (11.4.12)

Come on guys, nap time is over! (11.3.12)


Human water faucet (11.2.12)

Max and Daddy (11.1.12)

Slam dunk (11.1.12)