April 3, 2013

High five!

Max had his 15 month check-up on Monday and it was no surprise to hear that he has grown in every way. Weighing in at 23.5 pounds and measuring 32 inches, he towers in the 88th percentile for height.  He was a champ at the doctor's office- playing high five with David and remaining calm and completely still for his exam.  Except for the shots.  Understandably.

David also had a check-up with his oncologist, Dr. Dawson, a few weeks ago.  His appointment did not include as many games and giggles as Max's, but after a few pokes and scans he received a clean bill of health.  High fives for everyone!

High five! (4.1.13)

Max spotted a hoop, but 32 inches isn't quite tall enough (4.1.13)

Max is no small fry (3.31.13)

I could play better than these Gators (3.31.13)

High fives for the Max, not the Gators (3.31.13)