July 13, 2012


Fridays are great, especially when you don't have a nerve-racking doctor appointment looming.  Three hours after we left the house yesterday morning (an hour and a half commute to the city, followed by an hour and a half in the waiting room) we met with David's surgeon. He said that David is healing well and that we can go home, which we will do on Monday.  Pathology reports indicate that the surgery successfully removed the cancer from his abdomen.  David will see his oncologist at Georgetown next week, have a chest CT, and schedule surgery to remove the nodule on his lung. We are excited to return home and get this last phase of treatment behind us. David is eager to prepare for his next session of basketball camp and Max can't wait to play with his toys and show all of his friends how well he sits up.

In other landmark news David got a new cell phone! [Insert, "It's about time", comments here].  If you know him, you know that he did not wake up one day and decide to buy a new phone.  He dropped his phone in the toilet.  He said I could write that.  He also said that if you text him to include your name since his contacts got "flushed" as well.