August 12, 2012

Check-ups all around

The past several days have been spent at home, with Max entertaining the family, while David recuperates from surgery.  It was a huge relief when David was released from the hospital so soon, but as the nerve blockers and anesthesia wore off, his discomfort and pain set in.  His first two surgeries largely impacted his lower body, such as his ability to walk and stand up straight.  This surgery, however, has made breathing and speaking painful; we are dealing with a bit of a pain management learning curve.  Such as with all surgical recoveries, each day only gets better.

The week ahead will close a scary chapter in our family's life and open a new one.  David has a post-op appointment- the last step in his successful treatment.  He will then be under "surveillance", meaning he will have scans and blood work several times a year for five years.  Max also has a doctor appointment this week- a pre-op check-up for his second surgery on August 23.  His beautiful, dimpled smile reminds me each day to be thankful for so much, but at this moment I am mostly thankful that he has no idea what lies ahead for him.

Trying to sneak upstairs (8.12.12)

Trying to make a break for it (8.12.12)

Max loves to show off his crawling skills (8.12.12)

Keeping daddy company (8.11.12)

Practing his typing (8.10.12)

Practing his swing (8.10.12)