October 23, 2012

Junky monkey

Max's surgery went well and his freshly repaired palate looks outstanding. We were surprised to also see that the scar on his lip is markedly improved (lighter and thinner) as a result of a cortisone injection. We are not surprised, however, by Max's incredibly loud breathing. He is a loud breather. But the drainage from surgery made him sound "junky" and "juicy"- slang medical terms for loud breathing caused by fluid. He received extra oxygen and breathing treatments for several hours, and after some careful suctioning, is breathing normally without any additional oxygen.

Although it pains me to see my little junky monkey in pain, I have treasured hours (possibly the longest stretch of his ten-month life) of holding him in my arms.

After surgery (March- bottom left, August- bottom right, October- top)

The General and his men (10.23.12)

Pre-op pro

In lieu of an alarm clock, we were awoken this morning at 3:30am by a teething Max looking for someone to bite. Despite a growling belly and tired eyes, he managed to climb all over the hospital bed and play with my phone. He chewed on both as well.

Max has come a long way from the raging, starving three month old he was in March, back when he was a surgical novice. We all have. David and I are by far the most calm parents in the waiting room right now. We don't see the light at the end of the tunnel- we are in it.
Before surgery (March- obvious, August- bottom right, October- left)