November 1, 2012


What do you get when you combine a hand-me-down dinosaur suit and a Florida Gator jersey?  The perfect Halloween costume!  Max was Albert, the University of Florida mascot, for Halloween.  As if he is not cuddly enough, Max was extra cushy and soft in his Gator-themed attire.  He had a busy day playing with friends and trick-or-treating, but it was not enough to tire him out.  Even though he did not have a single piece of candy, he was on a "sugar high" all night.  The Max just does not like to sleep, but I would trade all of my treats for a few z's.

Happy Halloween! (10.31.12)

Which mascot is cuter? (10.31.12)

Where's the Max's candy? (10.31.12)

Hi Bean, I missed you! (10.31.12)

Gator on the prowl (10.31.12)

Get this thing off my head! (10.31.12)

Waiting for trick-or-treaters (10.31.12)



Favorite new hang-out upstairs (10.28.12)

Please read me this book! (10.28.12)