October 30, 2012

The storm before the storm

Sandy has nothing on hurricane Max.  The General's (a nickname taken from his favorite book, Drummer Hoff) wrath got underway days before hurricane Sandy made landfall.  After two nights at home, with fairly regular sleep and good spirits, the post-surgical honeymoon ended.  Max is experiencing pain and discomfort from his new palate and it has been a 24 hour-a-day job keeping him content (aka- distracted).  It certainly does not help that two new upper teeth are making their way through the top his sore, raw mouth. The typical "go-to" distractions, such as staring at pictures and videos of himself, looking in a mirror, reading Drummer Hoff, and jumping off the coffee table, have proven less effective.  So has Tylenol.  Max was supposed to get a follow-up flu shot this morning, but he was so upset that the doctor did not want to do it.  Poor guy.

Lucky for us, we had no damage from Sandy.  We did not even lose power.  But David and I did get two free days off from school.  Even a hurricane can have a silver lining.

 Max's arc (10.29.12)

Neighborhood Halloween party (10.28.12)

What channel is the Giants game on? (10.28.12)

These leaves were fun for 30 seconds (10.27.12)


Take a look at this handsome fella (10.25.12)

Happy to wake up in his own house (10.25.12)