December 25, 2012


His first birthday, Christmas, and Hanukkah- Max has had a lot to celebrate this month!


Merry Christmas! (12.25.12)

Opening presents with Daddy and Uncle Jordan (12.25.12)

Brooks boys  (12.25.12)


Snacking during the power outage (12.24.12)

Who turned out the lights on my birthday!? (12.24.12)

Yay I am a year! (12.24.12)

One big birthday pancake (12.24.12)



Cookie monster in training (12.23.12)

Happy Birthday party to me! (12.22.12)

Cecelia helped Max blow out the candles (12.22.12)

Santa stopped by Max's birthday party.  Apparently he was not on the guest list. (12.22.12)

Where are my peas? (12.22.12)




Hanging out at Hughes (12.18.12)


Please let me sleep in (12.17.12)

12 months old!

December 16, 2012

Just do it

Max tested out his new Nikes this weekend and immediately took off running.  There is no stopping my chunky monkey; if he keeps up this pace he will have to just go by 'monkey'.

Father-son kicks

Happy boy, but unlucky sweatshirt(12.16.12)

weeeeeee (12.15.12)

Running in my big-boy Nikes (12.15.12)

Cruising for girls on Friday (12.14.12)

Sadie n' Max (12.14.12)


Max and his cheer squad (12.13.12)

Happy after sleeping in (12.13.12)


Max-proof menorah (12.11.12)

High five, daddy! (12.10.12)




December 8, 2012

Haircut horror show

Max's day started off wonderfully- at 9:15am- which made everyones' day start off wonderfully. He spent the morning playing outside in the unseasonably warm December weather and later ran around the gym during David's practice.  After a nice, long nap we took Max for his first haircut. In an effort to keep him frozen in time as a little baby, I have been putting it off.  But a little baby probably should not walk around with a mullet, so I finally gave in to David's increasingly frequent requests to take Max to the barber.  Max hated it.  Hated it like surgery.  Even worse because he was awake.   His go-to hospital pain distractions, such as watching videos on my phone, did nothing.  His discontent lasted quite a while; hope this haircut does, too, because he will not be getting another one any time soon.

Hmm...less hair to rub my food in (12.8.12)

Father-son haircut day (12.8.12)

post-haircut happiness (12.8.12)

pass it to the Max (12.8.12)

Look at me! (12.8.12)


December 7, 2012

What goes up must come down

...and up.  And down.  And up...
Who knew going up and down stairs was so much fun?  Or that it would make a mom so proud?

Water comes out of my bath toys, too! (12.7.12)

Loving the cow juice (12.7.12)


Batter up (12.4.12)