August 16, 2012

Max on the move

Max started the week with a weigh-in at the pediatrician.  Unlike any female beyond adolescence, the goal for an infant is to actually gain weight, so I was excited when Max tipped the scales at 18.5 pounds, 28.5 inches long.  Despite a mild ear infection, he crawled around the house all week, pulling up on to furniture, and pulling down whatever he could reach.  The pictures truly do speak a thousand words; the video, a thousand laughs.

David is on the mend and should be recovered by next week.  His doctor appointment today was completed in record time which was a huge feat in itself. 

On Monday my "maternity leave" will officially end.  Max was born on December 24, 2011 and the first time I ever left him was on February 1, 2012- the day after David was diagnosed and had surgery.  Since then I have left Max for dozens of doctors appointments, surgeries, and yes, the occasional trip to the gym, but that first day apart has always stuck with me.  I suspect Monday will too. 

Playtime with Timmy (8.16.12)

Good morning! (8.16.12)


Did any get in my mouth? (8.15.12)


lunch bunch (8.13.12)