September 18, 2012

Good news will come to you by mail

My fortune cookie, which I enjoyed for breakfast this morning, was right. Except instead of by mail, we received the news from Dr. Dawson, David's oncologist. This afternoon David had his first CT since the last of his three surgeries. All of the recent pathology has pointed towards David being cured, but this was the first scan since all of the "dust settled" in his body since completing quite a rigorous treatment.

Twenty bitten nails, five vials of blood, and two hours later, we got the great news- David is officially cancer-free!

Thank you, Dr. Dawson, for curing Max's daddy!

breakfast (9.18.12)

What does Max love more- Sadie or food?  It's a tie. (9.18.12)

Waiting for daddy (9.18.12)