June 19, 2013

Countdown to summer

The past few weeks of nearly summer sunshine have been busy and fun! Max has a blast at the farmers market, running around with friends and inhaling yummy snacks.  He is warming up to the pool; this week he actually asked to go in (by himself) and went under (by accident), but had lots of laughs playing catch and splashing in the water.  The weather has been perfect for spending time in Max's favorite place- outside!  He loves being pulled around in his wagon, but when it comes to the stroller, he prefers to push it himself.  The General can spot a swing or a basketball hoop from a mile away- and cannot resist either one.  From the zoo to the Town Center, to our own backyard, if it is not raining, Max is outside.  And when it is raining you can find Max, louder than thunder, red-faced, hanging from the backdoor handle, trying to pry it open with all his might.

Max is becoming more curious, aware, and hilarious everyday; photos do not do his antics justice, but the video outtakes are hilarious.  His current obsessions include: turning the light switch on and off, opening and closing the drawers on his train table, blowing bubbles, playing with hats (and saying "hat"), jumping on the bed, playing with balls (and snatching them from anywhere- peoples' lawns, the grocery store), racing daddy up the stairs before bath-time, stopping to look at Grandma and Grandpa's picture on the way up the stairs, climbing up slides, going through tunnels, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and peanut butter.  He still loves books and listening to stories; he also loves to dance and grabs the television remote when he wants the music channel turned on.  Max is not a huge fan of watching television shows, but recorded basketball games have successfully extinguished the flames of a few recent tantrums.  When it comes to meal time, Max enjoys feeding other people.  He earnestly pushes his fork, usually with ABC food (not to be confused with this favorite song), in the face of a lucky customer.  Lately, he has become more discerning in his food choices- opting for cookies over his old favorite meal- meatballs and peas.  But he still loves fruit, especially bananas and blueberries.  And apples- a delicious snack and a ball all in one!

Green thumbs! (6.18.13)

Itsy bitsy at Target (6.18.13)

Go long! (6.17.13)

Cooling off (6.17.13)
A stroll and a spill (6.16.13)

Happy Daddy's Day! (6.16.13)

Big boy swing! (6.16.13)

Tunnel cam (6.16.13)

Second serenade of the week!
The band played Max one of his favorites- the ABC song (6.15.13)

First attempt at a carnival game (6.15.13)

Exploring the zoo with Gianna and Jackson (6.15.13)

Chicken coup (6.15.13)

Can't I ride the pony? (6.15.13)

Four little pigs (6.15.13)

Blowing his nose...not the bubbles (6.15.13)

Taking a break (6.15.13)

Tough guy (6.14.12)

Working on a card for daddy (6.13.13)

Car bats? (6.13.13)

What are you looking at Oscar?
I'm the grouchy one today! (6.13.13)

Max enjoyed being serenaded by a pretty woman
at the farmers market (6.12.13)

Max's first taco (6.12.13)

Finally knocked the gate down. (6.11.13)

Peanut butter lover (6.11.13)

Lunch fun (6.10.13)

Success! (6.9.13)



Belly ball (6.9.13)

Wiped... (6.9.13)

out. (6.9.13)

Recycling (6.9.13)

Preferred the pizza over the pool (6.8.13)

Pool party! (6.8.13)

Spit out the chocolate
milk to make room for the apple (6.8.13)

That's a wrap (6.8.13)



Front car of the train (6.7.13)

Daddy's hat (6.6.13)

Gimme five (6.6.13)

Samples at TJs (6.6.13)

Dream date (6.6.13)

No cuts, Max! (6.6.13)

And apple, an ice pop, and an art project
at the farmers market (6.5.13)

Let's go Heat! (6.4.13)