July 5, 2012


Today David became officially IV-free! This was especially appreciated given yesterday's needle debacle. The oral pain meds have been effective so far and his release is imminent, however there is one small snag. David contacted a mild case of C-Diff, commonly contracted in hospitals. It is easily cleared up with a course of antibiotics, but may keep him in the hospital an extra night. He was moved to his own room (a plus) and I get to wear a snazzy yellow gown when I see him (a huge fashion plus). We are still hoping for his release tomorrow; the doctors will decide after they examine him during morning rounds.

Max started the day with a much needed cool breakfast treat. On the way to the hospital we passed The Soft Serve Fruit Company. Somehow they take a piece of fruit, just fruit, and turn it into a frozen yogurt-like snack; Max and I both loved it! We also loved not one, but TWO visits with David. Max has become quite the regular around the lobby. The ladies at reception, security guards, and various other hospital staff always ask where he is and when they will see him again.
The feeling is clearly mutual; Max beams at the ladies like they are all holding dozens of his coveted bottles.


Excited to visit with daddy (7.5.12)