December 6, 2012

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

In the last week and a half Max has accomplished a lot!  Here are the highlights:
1. Max's mouth is officially all better
2. Max can WALK! (and now wants to run...)
3. Max drank milk
4. Max learned to clap

Last Monday, November 26, Max had his final post-surgical appointment of the year. Dr. Redett said, "he looks perfect".  This is not news to me, but I was relieved and appreciative to hear the medical confirmation that our nugget didn't dent his new palate.  He also did much better on his hearing test, so the ear tubes are working.  Max will go back to the Cleft Clinic in the Spring and twice a year from now on, until his next surgery when he is around five years old.  Throughout the next several years he will be monitored by Dr. Redett (his surgeon), hearing and speech specialists, and an orthodontist. 

Max is growing up so fast, and now he is moving faster, too.  After weeks of taking tentative steps between the couch and ottoman, Max took off on his own.  When he walked across the house on Saturday, turning corners better than he ever did with the push-toy, David and I agreed that Max can officially "walk".   As if his appetite was not already insatiable, a General on foot requires even more fuel.  To that end, the doctor suggested introducing some milk into Max's diet to keep him more full.  He seems to like milk, but we are still working on refining the use of a sippy cup.  Or straw cup.  Or any cup.  To be honest, I would let Max chug straight from the milk cartoon if it went directly into his mouth.

To cap off all of his illustrious milestones, Max learned to clap, and gave himself several, well-deserved, rounds of applause.

More exciting than the OJ chase! (12.5.12)

Road soda (12.5.12)

Bathtime/bedtime snack (12.4.12)


Stroller snack (12.4.12)
Is it Spring already? (12.3.12)

Catch me if you can! (12.2.12)
Walking! (12.1.12)



One basket, two babies, eleven months (11.30.12)

Hanging out at halftime with Timmy (11.30.12)

He likes what he sees.  Pictures of himself on the refrigerator. (11.30.12)

Even when he's not happy he is so freaking cute! (11.29.12)

Silent reading (11.28.12)


Thirsty (11.27.12)

Happy Birthday, Sadie Jean! (11.27.12)

Just a small snack (11.26.12)

Milk chin (11.25.12)