June 28, 2012

Max and the City

David is doing incredibly well, especially considering where he was 36 hours ago. Yesterday he was lying open (literally) on a table with his bowels, intestines, and other various organs beside him. By early this morning (4:30am- so early I decided it was worth noting) he was able to walk a lap around his floor of the hospital. His strength and determination to get well are remarkable. David is most looking forward to a drink [of water!] which he won't be able to have until Saturday or Sunday when his digestive system is recovered. To say he is thirsty is an understatement, but he is being constantly hydrated with IV fluids.

Max was able to visit with his daddy for a few minutes in the lobby, followed by several long strolls around the city (pictured below). Tonight he is enjoying his first sleepover party with Uncle Jordan; just a couple of bachelors.

Right now David is watching the Yankees and Max is sleeping in his downward dog yoga pose. Everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, and soon enough they will be doing it in the right place, too.

Out and about in NYC (6-28-12)