July 29, 2012


Obviously this post is about Max, not David.  After weeks of rocking on all fours only to fall flat on his face, Mr. Max took a few real crawls today!  As you can see from the very raw footage, Max is happiest in his birthday suit and motivated to get moving by his prized constellation glow turtle.  David and I are learning that while milestones such as today's crawling are exciting, each one [literally] moves Max further away from being a tiny, tiny peanut.  They also interrupt his (and our) sleep, since he thinks 2:00am is prime time to practice new-found skills.  I'm not sure which is worse.

Loving the kiddie pool.  He thinks it's a huge, wet jumperoo (7.28.12)

finger food (A.K.A. shirt food, face food, hair food, floor food) (7.29.12)