August 1, 2012

Baby food(ie)

Max has been eating, wearing, and yes, if you know him, spitting up, new foods for every meal.  Like most seven month olds, everything goes in his mouth, but he definitely gets a huge thrill when something he chews on has a flavor other than plastic.  In addition to trying beef, noodles, and a plum ice pop at the farmers market, Max also ordered off the menu at Amphora Diner. He gnawed on green beans and zucchini while getting tons of lovin' from the waitress.

As Max's crawling stamina increases, so do our childproofing efforts.   His crib mattress was lowered just in time; I found him sitting up in bed the morning after I did it.  I better hide the keys to the car now!

Good morning! (7.30.12)


No shoes, no shirt, no problem (7.30.12)

peaches and cream (or formula) 7.31.12

nothing is coming out, but at least he knows what to do :)  (7.31.12)

flirting with the waitress (7.31.12)

Beef: It's what's for dinner (or in this case, lunch) (8.1.12)

Ice pop for dessert (8.1.12)

Max-in-a-box (8.1.12)